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How often should I wash my dog?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the dog grooming industry is, "How often should I wash my dog?"

The saying, "ask 10 people and get 10 different answers" could not be more accurate here, however, lets look at it scientifically and get us all the correct answer!

The skin cycle (keratinization cycle) is a 3 week process, from the time the "Baby cells" are formed until they die. In other words every 3 weeks we have dead and dying cells on the surface ready to be removed/ cleaned up. This cleanup of the dead cells keeps things transitioning smoothly and keeps the skin fresh and healthy.

All dogs are on the same cell turnover schedule (Regardless of breed or coat type), which means the bathing frequency should be the same. 3 weeks is an unusual time frame for most peopl to remember so we often set a once a month grooming schedule for most dogs.

On the other side of this discussion pet parents often wonder how often is to often?

The answer to that is in the products and techniques you are using. If you are conditioning properly, you could bathe the dog every day with no issues because you are replacing the sebum every time you shampoo. If you are bathing with harsh shampoos or not conditioning correctly even once a month could be detrimental because you are stripping the skin and coat of its oils that are vital for good skin health.

Keep an eye out for the continuation of this discussion where we will discuss products that are safe to use and if conditioner is really necessary every time you wash your pet. (spoiler alert!!! The answer is Conditioner is ALWAYS necessary)

Iv San Bernard

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