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It's Never One-Size Fits All at Dressed to Impress Doggie Spa!

We Customize a Spa Treatment for each Individual Dog’s Skin and Coat Needs!

Bath, Brush & Beyond

Smooth-coated dogs do not require any trimming, but they enjoy a day at the spa, too!  This package is a thorough 10-step service that includes:

  • a pre-bath brush-out 

  • a thorough cleansing followed by a hydration treatment using products chosen for your dog's individual skin and coat!

  • nail trimming and filing

  • ear cleaning

  • emptying of anal sacs (if necessary)

  • blow drying

  • a minimum of 10-15 minutes of post-bath brushing

  • application of natural oils to replenish the coat

  • our special finishing touches

Price: $35 and up
(depending on the size of the dog)
Primped & Polished

This is our every 4-6 week maintenance package, designed to keep your pet looking his/her best. 15 pampering steps await your pet with this package!

  • shaving foot pads

  • sanitary trimming

  • clipping and filing of  toenails

  • plucking and cleaning the ears

  • a thorough brush and comb-out

  • a luxury cleansing and hydration treatment

  • emptying the anal sacs

  • towel and fluff drying

  • brush and comb out to ensure no tangles remain

  • signature style to make your pooch stand out from the pack

  • finishing touches such asbows, bandanas, collar covers, cologne and other seasonal options

Price: $60 and up
(depending on the size of the dog and complexity of the style)
Trim & Tidy Touch-Up

This package was designed for those dogs who choose to NEVER have a bad hair day! This package is for pups who visit the salon every 2-3 weeks. This is our Bath, Brush and Beyond package PLUS added time to perfect your signature style! This is the package you need to make sure you are always Show Ready!

Price: $40 and up
(depending on the size of the dog)
A la Carte Menu

Peticure (Nail trim and file)                  $15-25

Teethbrushing/ Breath freshening      $10

Dematting                                            $40/hr

Ear Cleaning                                        $10

Sanitary Trim                                        $10

Pads shaved/ Feet Trimmed                $10     

Face Neaten                                        $10

15 min of Dematting                             $20 

Deep-Coat Conditioning Treatment     $10

Flea/Tick Eviction Service                    $10

Paw Moisturizing Massage                  $5

Madra Mor Mud treatments                (varies)

Our VIP - Very Important Puppy Package!

For Puppies up to 4 months old at the time of their first visit

Grooming is just like everything else with a new puppy - it requires training! Let us help you teach your new addition to have great grooming manners! This package ensures your pup gets off to a great grooming start, and its a savings for you of nearly $40! The package includes:


  • A series of 5 Spa Visits for only $100! (Save nearly $40!)

  • Scheduled every 2 weeks:

  1. Bath & Tidy Up Visit - (Nails & Ears included)

  2.  10-15 minute Positive Table Time Visit with a Nail Trim

  3.  Bath & Tidy Up Visit  (Nails & Ears included)

  4.  10-15 minute Positive Table Time Visit and Nail Trim

  5. Primped & Polished Styling Visit

Must be paid in full on first visit  *  No Refunds for Missed Appointments
VIP Package
Dressed to Impress Spa Treatments

This is a cleansing and hydration product upgrade that can be added to all of our existing packages.

These upgrades are always beneficial for each and every dog at each and every visit! You will see, feel and smell the difference!



Black Passion Shampoo

& Nourishing Mask

Pamper and rejuvenate your pet’s coat with this exotic and luxurious shampoo and mask. This product line contains argan oil and extracts of seaweed along with beta carotene. It cleans gently, nourishes and strengthens hair, protecting it against free radicals and aging. It leaves the coat soft as silk and smelling like natural argan. Amazing results every time!

Upgrade your spa experience Small & Medium/smooth coat dogs $10

Large/ Heavy Coated Dogs $15



Mineral Red

Derma Complex

A SLS free product line that offers a solution to many skin and coat concerns. Contains the benefits of Keratin and nettle. Keratin deeply nourishes the coat and rebuilds the protective layer of the skin bringing out the beauty and shine of the pet’s hair and protects the skin from environmental toxins while  the soothing properties of nettle help battle eczema, hives, excessive grease and helps prevent hair-loss while leaving the coat soft and shiny. Soothing relief with every treatment!

Upgrade your spa experience Small & Medium/ smooth coated Dogs $10 Large/ Heavy Coated Dogs $15



Caviar Cleansing and Hydration Treatment

This SLS free product line uses the extracts of caviar and seaweed along with vitamin F and omega 3 to give new strength and vitality to dull, lifeless, easily matted coats. This amazing line will help coats bounce back from stress and regain its ability to maintain proper hydration levels. The result? Shiny, healthy coats that make your at-home brush outs a much easier task to tackle!  Amazing soothing scent and shiny bouncy coat every time!

Upgrade your spa experience Small & Medium/ smooth coated Dogs $10 Large/ Heavy Coated Dogs $15

flea or tick  problem?


Protective Shield Treatment

Using the extracts of chamomile, eucalyptus and peppermint, this SLS Free product line will soothe skin and leave behind a naturally fresh, pleasant aroma that deters fleas and ticks. Soothes damaged skin and provides relief from the damage caused by parasite infestations. 

Upgrade your spa experience Small & Medium/ smooth coated Dogs $10 Large/ Heavy Coated Dogs $15

*This treatment is recommended following a flea eviction service at DTI. The extracts in this product line do not kill existing fleas. We always recommend having your dog on a vet prescribed flea preventative.This treatment is a natural deterrent not a preventative.

Rescue Rewards

You have chosen the adoption option and rescued a pup in need! We love the stories of a fresh start with a loving family, and Dressed To Impress Doggie Spa wants to make the transition even easier by making your new addition look, feel and smell their absolute best!


We offer a 50% Discount to all new rescues within 2 weeks of adoption!

Must have proof of adoption

DISCLAIMER: Any recommendations given are not meant to replace the medical care or diagnostics of a licensed veterinarian. These are recommendations based on the description provided by the owner and/or pet skin care provider/groomer. In all abnormal pet dermatological situations it is highly recommended to have an examination and diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian prior to any treatment. Some skin and hair problems can be a result of an internal or deep dermis condition that should be diagnosed by veterinarian. Dressed To Impress Doggie Spa and Iv San Bernard USA accept no responsibility or liabilities resulting in the improper or inappropriate use of their products.

Any dog entering the spa with live fleas present
will be charged an automatic
$20 charge for a Flea Eviction bath.

Ready to give your dog the best grooming experience of their life?

Have questions or need more information? 

As of 2020 our Calendar is booking a year in advance. Please feel free to contact us about being added to our 2021 waitlist.

We no longer service any dog over 50lbs

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